What factors will affect the life of energy-saving lamps?


Most households now use energy-saving lamps, and very f […]

Most households now use energy-saving lamps, and very few people use incandescent lamps. On the one hand, energy-saving lamps can save part of the electricity, and on the other hand, the light of this kind of lamp is also brighter. Compared with the dim light of incandescent lamp, the light of this kind of lamp is relatively soft. I don’t know if you have such experience. When you buy energy-saving lamps, the general business will tell you that they will be replaced within one year.

Although the application of energy-saving lamps in my country is increasing year by year, the manufacturing process is still immature, so there will be some factors that affect the service life of energy-saving lamps. Now let's listen to the energy-saving lamp manufacturers to talk about which factors affect the use.

First, the service life of the lamp tube is mainly related to its raw materials, manufacturing process, manufacturing equipment, quality control and assurance system. If any of these are not properly coordinated, the life cycle of the product will be shortened.

Second, the life of the electronic ballast. An ordinary energy-saving lamp electronic ballast consists of about 30 components, one of which is damaged, will affect the life of the leveling.
These factors are not within the control of consumers, but these factors do require serious attention to energy-saving lamp manufacturers in the process of production, processing and transportation. I hope that every energy-saving lamp manufacturer can guarantee the quality of their products.