A Comparison of the Benefits of Using LED Stadium Lighting


In a world full of LED lighting, isn't it easy to just […]

In a world full of LED lighting, isn't it easy to just let the technology dictate what light fixtures we use? After all, LED is here, it's almost indestructible, and it's projected to be everywhere within ten years. Isn't it easy to just choose any old light fixture to light up the place? Why, I say, not even to consider the alternative, which is CFL or incandescent light?

LED is by no means the new era, it's already the past! The question to answer for this perennial question is an easy yes. What's more pertinent to an LED floodlight or for CFL lights is the fact that not only do they project their brightness well, but also how far and how bright their illumination can be. If you've ever read reviews online or in magazines, you know there are some great things about LED stadium lighting, as well as some not so good things.

You see, as with most things, we have all got our pros and cons. When it comes to an LED floodlight, for instance, the cons far outweigh the advantages. There are some excellent products on the market such as the LED floodlight. But if you were to buy one of those, you would find yourself having to deal with a great deal of frustration. Let's examine some of the things you'd have to deal with if you happened to pick up one of these poor quality products:

First off, they produce less energy than their counterparts. The LED indoor lighting systems produce 60 lumens of brightness versus an average of forty lumens for compact fluorescent bulbs. The LED stadium lighting system is also quite energy efficient when compared with other light fixtures that utilize fluorescent bulbs. Now let's compare the same product to a more common type of light bulb: the light bulb in your computer monitor!

So, as you can probably surmise, the amount of energy that you use to power the lights in your computer is much greater than the amount of energy that you would need to power the fixtures in a LED stadium lighting system. This means that you would be wasting a lot of money if you bought the fluorescent bulbs, because they are very expensive and you cannot always count on getting good pricing. On the other hand, you would save a great deal of money if you used the LED lights because they are considerably less expensive.

In addition, you can expect the LED lights to last longer than their counterparts. It is very common for people to replace their fluorescent tubes every few years because they develop a certain resistance to heat and this affects how long they will last. If you were to buy an LED stadium lighting fixture, then you can be assured that you will have a reliable source of lighting for many years to come. In addition to this, the LED lights will not affect the brightness of the colors in your display or the quality of the audio produced by your speakers, as they produce very little heat. Keep in mind that if you need to change a few bulbs on your led stadium lighting fixture, then it would take you much less time than replacing one fluorescent tube.