Algorithm of led lights with power


  Led lamp wholesale manufacturers share the algor […]


Led lamp wholesale manufacturers share the algorithm of led lamp with power

   Power is a measure of the transfer rate of energy. In a DC circuit, it is the product of voltage V and current A; in an AC system, it is much more complicated. Regardless of whether it is high-voltage or low-voltage led strips, they all convert AC to DC to work.

   Therefore, the power calculation of led strip can be used: P=UI

   Due to the different chips of each manufacturer, the working voltage and working current of the LED lamp beads will be different. Therefore, the power of the same one-meter led strip on the market will be different.

  The method of calculating the power of the led strip: 5050 white light (example of a single lamp bead)

  LED working voltage (U): 1.8V-3.6V (mainly determined by the chip, the working voltage is different for different colors)

   Rated current (I): [One wick 10mA-20mA]

  Power (P): P=UI is the maximum power: 3V*20mA=3V*0.02A=0.06W (1A=1000mA)