Different Types Of Street Light Lamps


A street light, lamp post, lamppost, pole light or othe […]

A street light, lamp post, lamppost, pole light or other street light is a portable, luminous source of illumination on the side of a sidewalk, street or path where it is not possible to install fixtures permanently. These devices are commonly called "walklights" and are often attached to the underside of curbs, posts, or sidewalks. Similar fixtures can also be found on a train platform. Historically, street lamps were not used on high-rise buildings as they could be knocked over and cause fatal accidents; therefore, they were mainly installed on sidewalks, near streets, on avenues, and in various public areas such as parks and museums.

The most popular types of street lights are the solar powered ones that have glass covers. These have been replaced by the newer low-pressure sodium lamps that are more durable, easy to maintain, and provide brighter light for longer durations. Both solar and low-pressure sodium lamps are available in several colors. However, the yellow-orange color produced by the hot sodium lamps is more preferred because it symbolizes safety.

Photopic Street Lighting: A Photopic street light is a type of lighting system that utilizes natural light from the sun to provide illumination on the outside portion of a building or other structure. The majority of these lamps are found in residential areas to promote security. Photopic means that they focus only on a narrow range of illumination that can be seen from a certain distance away. These types of lighting systems are more efficient than traditional halogen lamps.

Arc Street Light: Arc street light are small lights that use electricity to illuminate nearby areas. They are available in several designs including inverted pyramid, straight telescopic, and the round skylight. Some are meant for outdoor use, while others are for indoor use. This type of lamp is the best choice to help illuminate a large area in a limited amount of time. However, they come at a cost as they are expensive compared to other alternative types of street lights.

Low- Pressure Sodium Lamp: A Photopic low-pressure sodium lamp is designed to provide brightness and durability for both outdoor and indoor use. These lamps use a combination of salt and potassium salt that produce a bright white light. It is also made of a flexible metal filament. Compared to other photopic lamps, these lamps are more efficient and produce brighter light. They are more suitable for low-pressure sodium bulbs. However, they are not able to give off ultraviolet rays like other conventional lamps.

There are many types of lamps to choose from when looking to install street lights. However, you need to consider the type of bulb that you will use in order to produce the most accurate readings. This way, you will know which type of lamp is best suited for the area. To get the best readings from your lamps, make sure that you measure the dimensions of your space where you intend to place it before purchasing any type of street light.