Energy-saving lamp manufacturers improve product heat dissipation


Energy-saving lamps work for a long time and will gener […]

Energy-saving lamps work for a long time and will generate a lot of heat, and if this heat cannot be evaporated for a long time, it will greatly affect the life of the energy-saving lamp. Because energy cannot be completely transformed into another form, heat energy is a common form of energy consumption in many cases, as are energy-saving lamp accessories, so in order to improve its usability, more attention must be paid to how to better heat dissipation.
Technology is an important aspect of solving this problem. How to make the excess heat of the chip be transmitted in the form of heat sink and heat sink, and the long-term use of energy-saving lamp accessories has a lot to do with its heat dissipation level.
The power, thermal resistance, junction temperature and temperature rise of energy-saving lamp accessories are all factors related to this aspect. Therefore, if our products have a longer service life, we must pay more attention to these factors during production.

Energy-saving lamp manufacturers make homes more energy-efficient

As an indispensable lighting tool in every family, energy-saving lamps bear the mission of illuminating thousands of households. As a substitute for incandescent lamps, they are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than incandescent lamps. Now incandescent lamps have gradually withdrawn from our vision, replaced by the emergence of energy-saving lamps. As a lighting tool, lamps have played a huge role in people's lives since they were humans. A distant myth: When Prometheus brought skyfire to the world, people had a special feeling for lighting tools. From drilling wood to make fire, torches, candles, kerosene lamps, to the electric light invented by the great Edison. There is no end in history. It is true that we yearn for light and hope that darkness will be driven out of our world.

Now energy-saving lamps have entered our lives because they are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Nowadays, the society is a sustainable society, and saving resources is our mission and the country's major policy. Our energy-saving lamp manufacturers are based on this, and make every lamp carefully. Bring light to your family and make your own contribution to environmental protection. This is what every energy-saving lamp manufacturer should do. Our energy-saving lamps consume less power and have good lighting effects. They are the first for every family. Because our energy-saving lamp manufacturer is to make the home more energy-efficient.