Functions of the DOB Module


Functions of the DOB Module The DOB Module is a compone […]

Functions of the DOB Module

The DOB Module is a component of the facility management system that is often used as a part of the stadium flood lighting design. The main function of the module is to ensure that the proper operations within the building or organisation are carried out with all of the required documents in the correct order and format. Within the construction documents it covers all aspects of the building's construction, such as; construction contracts, building plans, specifications, blueprints, building control documents, drawings, photos, and all related legal documents. This can cover anything from an apartment block to a supermarket.

The DOB in relation to a stadium flood light is the following; when the lights are turned on the various documents must be read and understood. If a document is not understood then it should be noted and the question asked as to why it was not read. As a builder who is using the facility you must adhere to the regulations and rules set within the construction manuals. By reading these documents you will not only ensure that you are compliant with the current legislation but also make sure that you adhere to any future changes to what might be deemed to be a safety concern.

It's worth highlighting again that the purpose of the DOB Module is to ensure that the construction documents are correctly completed and followed at all times. Any gaps or uncertainties in the construction documentation should be immediately brought to the attention of the manager or construction team. Failure to do so will result in delays and potentially lawsuits.