Installation process of led strip


     1. Check whether the wire of the light strip […]


   1. Check whether the wire of the light strip port is roughly flush with the port. The twisting of the LED light strip may cause the wire of the light strip to slide relative to the external plastic. If there are a lot of wires in the light strip port, the LED light strip must be installed in the most traditional and safe way. Directly plugging the light strip plug will easily form a short circuit, which will cause the light strip plug and even the light strip to be burned. In this case, please trim the wire that grows out of the port a little. Be careful, if you cut too much, this meter will be cut badly, so you must look at the line cut on the reverse side of the light strip. Do not cut the lamp beads and any loops inside the lamp strip. Be sure to pay attention to the internal wiring of the light strip. After cutting, connect the plug to light up the light strip.

  2. Open the plastic cover of the LED lamp with plug. In terms of plugs, the use of LED light strips should be carefully based. If you do not open the cover of the light strip, it will be difficult for even professionals to connect it properly, so please don't be too troublesome.

  3. Use the lead of the light strip to align the light strip into the light strip.

       4. Plug in the plug and check whether the light strip is connected properly; if the light strip is all on, congratulations on connecting it; the extended use of the LED light strip makes the performance of the entire product better. If the LED light strip is completely unavailable If it’s on, it means it’s not connected at all; if the LED strip is on for one segment, it might not shine for one meter in the center of the LED strip, or it might not shine for one meter in the first meter, then it can only mean that the plug is not connected. it is good.

   5. After it is determined that all the LED lights are on, then cover the cover.

  6. ​​Finally install the LED strip. The number of inspections, the life of the LED lamp belt will definitely be improved if this is done!