LED Flood Light - Benefits and Disadvantages


What Is a LED Flood Light? A floodlight is a high-inten […]

What Is a LED Flood Light? A floodlight is a high-intensity artificial light that produces a wide beam of illumination. They are often used in outdoor playing fields during low-light conditions. Some models are even focused enough to be used as a stage lighting instrument in live performances. This article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of LED Flood Lights. You can read more about its benefits and uses below.

Choosing the proper LED flood light will depend on your needs and budget. The wattage of the floodlight will determine the beam angle and placement. Higher lumen counts are better for larger spaces. In residential settings, low-lumen LED flood lights are ideal. High-lumen lights are better suited for bigger outdoor areas, like sports fields and parking lots. A high-lumen LED flood light is a perfect choice for wide open spaces.

Choose an LED flood light that provides a broad beam of illumination. These flood lights are ideal for areas with many obstacles and a large surface area. They can be placed at various angles and direct the light to specific areas or objects. They come in a variety of wattages and lumen counts, allowing you to choose the exact amount of light you need. In addition to their advantages, LED luminaries are safe for the environment and are more efficient than HID bulbs.

LED flood lights have a variety of mounting options, ranging from poles to wall mounts. A slip fitter mount offers a mounting option that covers a wide area. Another type of LED flood light uses a flexible pole to provide illumination. This is commonly used for parking lot lighting. You can also install a Knuckle mount on your LED flood light. These lights will automatically switch on at dusk and off as soon as the sun sets.

When choosing an LED flood light, you should first determine where you want it to be installed. Consider the type of beam. Depending on where you plan to install the LED Flood light, the beam angle may be too narrow. For narrow spaces, a low-lumen LED flood light is ideal. For wider areas, a medium-lumen LED flood light is suitable. This is a good option for both residential and commercial use.

If you need more illumination, a floodlight with a wide beam is ideal. A road light has a narrow beam, which limits its range of illumination. A floodlight's wide beam will cover a wider area, while a road light will only illuminate a narrow section of an object. A LED floodlight will cover a large area in all directions, while a road light cannot. If you need to illuminate a large area, a led floodlight is the perfect choice for you.

CL-PL-C240H Modular Flood Light With Simple Design

 Item:   CL-PL-C240H/CL-PL-C150
   Power:   240W/150W
   LED:    SMD3030 Ra>70
   Driver:    Meanwell Driver
   Voltage:    AC100-277V
   Efficiency:    100-135lm/w
   CCT:    4000-6500K
   Beam angle:    60/90/100° IP67
   Size:   410*350*114mm
   Cert:   CE&RHOS