LED Linear lights come in a variety of colour temperatures


Traditionally, linear lights are square or round, but w […]

Traditionally, linear lights are square or round, but with the advent of LED technology, they are becoming increasingly popular. These lighting fixtures are long and feature an optic that distributes light over a narrower area than traditional lighting. The best thing about linear lighting is that it's very flexible, enabling the designer to design bespoke designs. These lighting fixtures can be suspended from the ceiling, surface mounted, or recessed. You can even choose a colour powder coating for the LEDs to give the space a more unique feel.

Another advantage of linear lighting is its long life and energy efficiency. Compared to traditional lighting, LED Linear lights can last up to 13 years. These lights require very little maintenance and cut energy costs. They can accent any home and add a dramatic lighting scheme to any room. However, they are not for every application. If you have a high ceiling and want to light a large area without making the room appear too crowded, you should consider a linear LED light.

Another advantage of using LED Linear lights is the large range of colour temperatures. This is important because colour temperature affects the way the human eye interprets light, so a neutral white, or 4000 kelvin, is the most comfortable. Use neutral white lighting in offices and retail environments for the most relaxing atmosphere. You can also mix and match different colour temperature fixtures for a dramatic lighting scheme. In short, LED lighting offers many benefits.

LED Linear lights are also remarkably versatile, with a wide choice of colours. The range of available colour temperatures makes them an excellent option for accenting any room, and are highly efficient. They can also be used for dramatic lighting effects. They are great for residential lighting, and they can last up to thirteen years! There is a wide range of applications for these innovative lighting systems. If you're looking for a unique lighting scheme for your home, consider LED Linear.

Colour temperature is also important for the aesthetic appeal of LED Linear lighting. Its varying colour temperatures influence how the human eye perceives light. The neutral white, or 4000 kelvin, is recommended for offices and retail spaces to create a comfortable environment. By choosing the correct colour temperature, LEDs can be an excellent choice in any room. So, if you're looking to accent a room, try a neutral-white or warm-white LED.

LED Linear lights come in a variety of colour temperatures. Unlike other types of lights, they have a greater range of colours. Depending on the type of lighting you're looking for, you can choose between two and three thousand kelvin. This colour temperature will make your home or office look warmer or cooler, and can create a mood in any space. It will not only make the room look attractive, but it will also help you save energy and money.

CL-BL-A300 New Design Module Led Linear High Bay Light

 Item:   CL-BL-A300
   Power:   300W
   LED:    SMD3030/5050 Ra>70
   Driver:    Meanwell Driver
   Voltage:    AC100-277V
   Efficiency:    100-135lm/w
   CCT:    4000-6500K
   Beam angle:    30/60/90/120/120*90° IP65
   Size:   364*530*133mm
   Cert:   CE&RHOS