New direction of lighting development


  In recent years, simplicity and fashion have bee […]


In recent years, simplicity and fashion have been blowing the home decoration market fiercely, and the lighting industry is no exception. Simple and stylish modernist style lamps are made of unique materials and personalized designs, in order to create a unique taste and personalized living space. For this reason, lighting manufacturers continue to develop and innovate, looking for new directions for lighting development.

The lamp itself does not emit much heat, but its brightness often brings us a warm feeling. Some commemorative lamps are also popular. Elegant and high-grade commemorative lamp, with exquisite shape and engraving design, classic and practical collocation full of charm, is a new theme that people love. Now, at every major historical moment, lighting manufacturers will carefully design and launch special edition lighting treasures. There is also a souvenir lamp when the house is moved to the new house, and the words of blessing are engraved on the lamp holder as a collection.

When using candlesticks as decoration, you can choose to install a candlestick on both sides of mirrors, paintings, furniture, or doors, windows, etc., to make a pair. Of course, in some corners, it can also be decorated with a single candlestick. The candlestick can also be placed on the table, which has a retro taste, especially when placed on the desk, it can exude a faint book smell.

New development direction of lighting industry

People's continuous attention to green consumption has made the green lighting industry the focus of heated discussions. Not only is the lighting industry facing a new development direction, the research and development and sales of energy-saving lighting lamps have also become the primary responsibility of lighting manufacturers.

At present, some foresight and socially responsible lighting manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to spontaneously launch environmental protection and energy conservation education for consumers. On the one hand, terminal store service personnel actively explain and convey energy-saving concepts to consumers, and on the other hand, interact with consumers through vivid display of energy-saving in terminal stores and application scenario simulations, so that consumers can intuitively feel high-quality energy-saving The healthy light environment created by the lamp.

The improvement of living standards People have a new perception and understanding of healthy life. Lamp manufacturers should firmly grasp the overall business opportunities of industry development and achieve a qualitative leap.

Defect analysis of existing LED lamps

In order to open up the consumer market, lighting manufacturers often design new energy-saving and long-life LEDs as direct replacements, but this popular product is not perfect.

The poor heat resistance of LED is well known, which will inevitably bring about the problem of wick life. The product design of luminaire manufacturers is often difficult to meet the requirements for heat dissipation. In a field with very demanding heat dissipation requirements, they use very inferior passive heat dissipation methods, and most of them are air-cooled or even enclosed. The life of the LED wick decreases exponentially with the increase in temperature, and the life of the electrolytic capacitor decreases by half every ten degrees of temperature increase. The weight of the LED is a serious test for the lamp holder, especially the 7.8W spiral interface LED lamp, its weight is very dangerous.

The service life of the general LED driver board is often not up to the long-term concept advertised by the lamp manufacturer, so various defects cannot be used as all the replacements for ordinary lamps.