Precautions and main applications for the use of LED high bay lights in factory lighting


  Interpretation of the precautions for the use of […]


Interpretation of the precautions for the use of factory lighting LED high bay lights and the main application scope

LED high bay lights use energy-saving technology based on the traditional high-power high bay lights technology to achieve the purpose of saving power consumption and improving illuminance, thereby reducing investment costs and saving costs.

A good high-power high bay light should have a good heart. The heart of the led high bay light is the chip. The quality of the chip depends directly on the luminous flux of the led high bay light and the speed of light decay.The second is heat dissipation. The use of poor heat dissipation aluminum materials will cause the life of the led high bay lamp to be reduced due to the high temperature. In severe cases, the power drive may be burned.

There is also the power supply. The power supply drive depends on whether the led high bay light can work normally, work efficiency and affect life.

In addition to the above points of attention, there are many things to pay attention to. The colors should be coordinated to avoid glare from the purchased high-power industrial and mining lamps. The light is soft and the brightness is uniform, which effectively avoids eye fatigue of the construction workers under long-term exposure.

The price determines the quality. The poor heat-dissipating aluminum material used for the heat dissipation of the high bay light will cause the life of the led high bay light to be reduced due to excessive temperature, and the power supply may be burned out in severe cases. The mechanism of the luminaire should use a high-strength alloy shell, such a luminaire can resist strong collisions or impacts, and ensure the safety of life.

The high-power industrial and mining lamp adopts integrated heat dissipation technology, which has high stability, high reliability and high thermal conductivity. In terms of its safety, the high-power industrial and mining lamp adopts an integrated design of heat dissipation and heat conduction.

It reduces the risk of shedding, corrosion, and leakage. The inner cavity is under negative pressure during work, which reduces the risk of expansion; in terms of energy saving, it directly uses high-power LED lighting to dissipate heat instead of traditional air cooling and water cooling to avoid In terms of environmental protection, there is no emission of toxic and harmful substances in the manufacturing process and use process.

At present, energy-saving industrial and mining lamps are mainly used in the following industries:

1. Commercial use of energy-saving industrial and mining lamps, high efficiency and energy saving, long life, such as: in squares, street lights, large-scale factory production workshops, conference rooms and other places.

2. In schools, LED energy-saving lamps have become the first choice for schools, not only can save energy, but also reduce the stimulation of light on students' eyes. Has the characteristics of high brightness.

3. Widely used in high-shed workshops, workshops, warehouses, exhibition halls, stadiums, waiting rooms, stations.