Reasons for the existence of energy-saving lamps and methods for purchasing energy-saving lamps


The necessity of energy-saving lamps With the global at […]

The necessity of energy-saving lamps

With the global attention and emphasis on energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection, my country is also strengthening energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection. The widespread use of energy-saving lamps is a very obvious example. Now we look at the advantages of energy-saving lamps with energy-saving lamp manufacturers and understand the necessity of energy-saving lamps.

1. It has a compact structure, small size, luminous efficiency up to 60Lm/w, can save more than 80% of electricity, and save energy;

2. It can be used directly instead of incandescent light bulbs without changing any facilities, and it is convenient and simple to use.

3. Generally, it has a longer service life, which is 6-10 times that of incandescent lamps.

4. In order to prolong the service life of the energy-saving lamp, a protective film is coated on the inner wall of the lamp tube and a triple spiral filament is used.

5. It can effectively reduce the heat release and save electricity.

How to choose high-quality energy-saving lamps?

At present, the energy-saving lamp products on the market are dazzling, but the quality is uneven. How should we choose when choosing so that we can choose high-quality energy-saving lamp products, now we will take a look with energy-saving lamp manufacturers.

1. Product quality. This is the first issue that should be considered when purchasing goods. Only when the quality of the product is excellent can the sales of the product be guaranteed, long-term customers can be cultivated, and long-term development can be obtained.

2. Low cost. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the lower the price given by the supplier, the more conducive to the sale of the product, and more benefits can be generated.

3. The overall service level is also a standard. Before choosing to purchase and use goods, it is also very necessary to have a certain understanding of the supplier's related services, such as training, installation, and technical support. A good supplier should take every aspect seriously.

4. Whether the delivery is timely. In the actual transaction process, time is a measure of the supplier's service standard, and a supplier without the concept of time is not welcome.