Street Light Outages Can Be Devastating


A street light, sidewalk light, lamppost, pole light, c […]

A street light, sidewalk light, lamppost, pole light, circular light fixture or post light is a temporary luminous supply of illumination in the middle of a street or sidewalk. These lights are normally fixed to the ground or attached to a concrete or cement slab. They can also be mounted on poles, buildings or other structures. Usually these lights are used to illuminate a sidewalk, walkway or another area that requires temporary illumination. These lights are often adjustable and are placed along the edges of a paved or girded area to provide a more attractive look.

When there is a serious outage in your area, especially during the night time, you will want to be prepared. In the unfortunate event of a major street light outage, this can create a dangerous situation. You should never attempt to fix a broken light by yourself. If you are unfamiliar with working with electricity, then you should call in a professional for assistance.

The best emergency street lights to have on hand are high pressure sodium bulbs. These lights are much stronger than standard incandescent bulbs and typically last longer. Unfortunately, in the event of a power outage or emergency, the best place to put out a signal or emergency lighting is not on top of the poles. The reason being is that if there is an outage, it usually means that the power lines have been damaged or destroyed. You can easily lose communications and access to phone lines while waiting for the power to be restored. High pressure sodium lights have an advantage over other lights in that they are waterproof and will not burn up in rain or snow.

For most residential street lights, a low voltage lighting system should be sufficient. For commercial streets or for emergency lighting systems, a high voltage system is required. The reason is that these lights use a higher current in order to provide a good amount of bright light. If the power goes out, the streetlight outage is going to be much more serious. As a result, a higher voltage street light is necessary in order to stay on top of the situation.

Unfortunately, incandescent street lights are not always working properly. In the event that you have a broken or burned out lamp, then you should replace it immediately. This is the best time to check to make sure that the circuit breakers are tripped and that everything is operational as far as wires go. Replacement of this lamp is one of the few ways that you can keep your home or business running smoothly during a storm or emergency.

If your street light outages are a lot worse than just one or two lamps, you may want to consider having an electrician start up a backup generator so that you can have lighting even if there is no street light available. It can be frustrating to lose street lighting when there are emergency personnel and vehicles nearby trying to help. You never know when something bad is going to happen. Having a backup generator on hand will be very helpful at night, especially if you live off of a main street.