The working principle and composition of the induction lamp


Electrodeless lamps are fluorescent lamps (fluorescent […]

Electrodeless lamps are fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps) without electrodes in the tube, that is, electrodeless fluorescent lamps. Because there is no electrode, the electricity in the grid cannot be directly introduced into the closed lamp tube in the form of current, but the electric energy is converted into magnetic energy, which drives the lamp tube to emit light in the form of an alternating magnetic field. The following lamp manufacturers will give you a detailed description of the induction lamp:

The lamp tube, the coupler, and the frequency generator constitute the electrodeless lamp. The lamp tube is composed of a sealed glass tube, phosphor coating, metal mercury vapor, rare gas, etc. The rare gas in the lamp tube is ionized by a strong magnetic field. The moving ions collide with mercury atoms to excite electrons, and the electrons gain energy. When the electron energy is released, ultraviolet rays are generated to irradiate the fluorescent powder, causing the lamp tube to emit visible light. Let's talk about the coupler. The function of the coupler is to transfer the electric energy from the outside to the inside of the enclosed lamp tube through the electric transfer to magnetism and magnetism, and finally turn into light energy to emit light.

The tube of the induction lamp is like human skin, the coil is like blood vessel, the high-frequency current is like blood, and the frequency generator is like the heart. Whether the lamp is bright or not, the color is correct or not, and the brightness is maintained without attenuation is determined by the lamp tube. The quality of the whole lamp depends on the quality of the frequency generator and the combination of the lamp.

Lamp manufacturers teach you how to identify product quality

As an indispensable lighting tool in our lives, lamps and lanterns play an important role in our daily life. However, with the increasing number of lamp manufacturers in the market, low-quality lamps can be seen everywhere, which not only damages the eyes and vision, but also has serious As consumers, how can we identify the quality problems of lamps?

In terms of material, the bulb mouth of the general incandescent lamp is made of white iron, which is easy to rust. The better quality lamps are usually made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to rust. In terms of filament: better lamps are all double tungsten filaments, and poor lamps generally use single tungsten filaments. In terms of brightness: For the lamp, if the good lamp is powder-coated at one time by the machine, the brightness will be uniform after power-on, while the poor one will be manually coated with uneven brightness. In terms of price: When buying lamps, don’t just look for cheap, because quality and price are definitely proportional.

In terms of certification, it depends on whether it has 3C certification qualifications, and its content is reviewed. New and old aspects: Novel products may not be technologically mature. When buying, don’t just choose the latest ones and ignore the old ones.