What are the characteristics of solar street lights


  In contemporary society, people are constantly p […]


In contemporary society, people are constantly pursuing the concept of environmental protection, energy saving, and green. In this way, solar street lights have entered people’s lives. Now many places in society are using such street lights, such as institutions, factories and mines, schools and squares. Solar street lights can be seen everywhere. There are many street lamp manufacturers involved, and the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of solar street lamps. There are also many key points related to quality, and attention must be paid in production and use.

  1, good heat dissipation

In the production, people should pay attention to the characteristics of the heat dissipation system of street lamps, and contemporary street lamp heat dissipation systems basically involve several types, first of all, die-cast aluminum, and aluminum profiles, and secondly, the radiator should be adequately used in the production and use of the unicorn. Many street lamp manufacturers pay attention to 90W heat-dissipating street lamps, and the installation of 120W street lamps saves costs. If the solar street lamp heat dissipation equipment cannot keep up, the light decay in use will be large.

  2, high chip quality

  In use, also pay attention to the led chip used in the led street lamp. The chip is the most important component of the LED street lamp. The quality of the chip affects the life of the LED street lamp, and also involves many aspects such as brightness and light color. Generally, the quality of LED chips is good, and the quality of the chips is not much different at home and abroad, and they all have high-quality use characteristics.

  3, long service life

  The warranty time of led street lights is also very important during use. The best quality led street lamp manufacturers have a long warranty. Generally, the warranty period is above 5 years, which can be said to have long-term use efficiency.

  4, ideal brightness

The brightness characteristics of led street lamps are also very important. The brightness of led street lights is an important factor for people to choose led lights. Under normal circumstances, the brightness of led street lights is about 110LM/W, and the higher the brightness per watt, the higher the number of lumens involved in solar street lights.

   Therefore, it can be said that the street lamps produced by street lamp manufacturers have many characteristics. Only if you pay more attention to the production and use process, you can choose a good street lamp to meet the needs of people.