What are the materials for each part of energy-saving lamps?


Energy-saving lamps are commonly used lamps in our dail […]

Energy-saving lamps are commonly used lamps in our daily life. The energy-saving lamps produced by manufacturers have different styles and types. Next, energy-saving lamp manufacturers will come to check the material selection of each part of the energy-saving lamp for you.
We can divide energy-saving lamps into capillary tubes, plastic parts and electronic components, and lamp holders. Among them, the capillary has three types: U-shaped, full spiral and half spiral. The U-shaped capillary used by energy-saving lamp manufacturers includes 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U and 10U; the full spiral uses T to indicate the number of turns of the spiral lamp, and there are three types: 2.5T, 3T and 4T; There are also three types of semi-snails: 2.5T, 3T and 4T.

There are three types of energy-saving lamp plastic parts: PP, PC and PBT. PP material itself is relatively soft and is mostly used for low-end lamps; PC material is a high-end surface finish; PBT material is a high-grade flame-retardant material, with two options of smooth and matte finish.

Energy-saving lamp manufacturers use three types of lamp caps: copper caps, aluminum caps and nickel-plated caps. The colors are green, black and white. The cap specifications are E14, E27, and E40. There are three types of fluorescent powder for energy-saving lamps: mixed powder, halogen powder and three primary colors. The life of halogen powder is about 3000-4000 hours, the life of mixed powder is about 4000-6000 hours, and the life of three primary colors is more than 8000 hours.

How to distinguish three primary color energy-saving lamps and halogen powder lamps?

Now, more and more friends choose energy-saving lamps instead of ordinary lighting, which shows that the market for energy-saving lamps is becoming wider and wider. However, energy-saving lamp manufacturers see that many consumers cannot distinguish between three-primary-color energy-saving lamps and halogen lamps, which brings a lot of trouble to the purchase.

How should we distinguish three primary color energy-saving lamps and halogen powder lamps? First of all, the appearance of the three-color energy-saving lamp is very delicate. Its plastic parts are made of high-temperature-resistant flame-retardant materials. It can reach normal brightness after a few minutes of lighting. The color is bright and soft. The halogen powder lamps that energy-saving lamp manufacturers have seen are counterfeit and shoddy products, with rough appearance, simple circuits and low component quality. Some plastic parts of halogen powder lamps are not flame-retardant, which is more dangerous to use; after power on, the brightness of halogen powder lamps will reach immediately Peak, but low brightness, blue color, pale and weak.

If you still can’t distinguish the three-primary color energy-saving lamp and the halogen powder lamp based on the above difference, then the energy-saving lamp manufacturer will teach you a simple method: shine the lighted lamp on the palm of your hand, and the palm of the hand looks red and bloody. Energy-saving lamps, the palm of the hand looks blue and bloodless is the halogen lamp.